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Safinaz Ouda

junior associate

A promising junior associate,  graduated from faculty of law–English Section-Cairo university class of 2018. She is experienced in corporates’ legal affairs, managing and revising contracts in English and Arabic, insurance and labor law. she also got trainings in contracts and tenders’ departments of two petroleum companies. moreover, a training at ministry of trade and industry, 7 months’ of experience in 2 different law firms, in addition to, her developing experience in dealing with official authorities and legal researching skills. in regards to courses and workshops, she got legal English course -International Law - TOLES UK - Legal perspective- legal research - Legal Translation - legal analysis  - Business Conversation - Contracts Drafting - Cross-border Agreements workshop - Media Contracts workshop - FIDIC Contracts workshop - Settlement Of Sports Disputes - Banking Lawyer - arbitration workshop - family law workshop - human rights workshop - labor law workshop - competition law workshop - international treaties workshop and etc.

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Safinaz Ouda

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