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Work Experience

Lawyer &Legal Adviser for many multinational &Egyptian companies, I’m responsible for the following:

-Responsible for all legal affairs.

-Responsible for all kind of court cases especially, commercial, civil, economical and labor cases.

- Incorporate all kind of companies including Liaison offices and Branched offices according to Egyptians laws.

- Having long experience related labor contract, labor court cases.

-Dealing with GAFI (investment authority), IDA &General Authority for Import& Export.

-Drafting and reviewing all kind of contracts.

- Preparing documents for getting loans from several Banks.

-Responsible for preparing, registering of Board of Directors Meetings & Shareholders Meetings.

- Getting work permissions & residences for Foreigners.

-Registering all kind of patents &Trademarks.

 -Giving legal opinions, helping and answering legal questions. 

 - preparing all BOD meetings, SHM & EOSHM for all kind of companies.
 -Responsible for registration and licensing of all kinds of important
Matters in several authorities such as GAFI, IDA CMA,,,,,,,.

-Responsible for drafting and reviewing contracts among companies.

- dealing with Social insurance & tax authority-related ( salaries tax).

- Saw over details related to shipping, distribution and letters of credit as well as loan contracts with banks, including letters of guarantee.

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Work Experience